Isewlation diaries

There’s a group of people you don’t hear grumbling about self-isolation or the lockdown or the queue in Tesco. They are the crafters.

When the call comes to stay home, lock the door, ideally not see anyone else and busy yourself quietly for 3 months please, the crafters firmly nod and pick up the project they’ve been trying to finish for about 2 years but have never gotten round to.

Lists are crucial to the coronavirus crafting process. When I was told to go home for the forseeable I was like a small child confronted with too much choice; I was either going to cry my eyes out or run at the first thing I thought of and grab it like a wild animal. That thing happened to be Abakhan, my local fabric shop. But I couldn’t go and stockpile willy-nilly like an idiot – poor planning results in the people who have filled their trollies with pasta and no sauce, lummoxes buying 20 bottles of water (we have taps!!!) and the woman in front of me at the till in Lidl who gasped oh god I forgot the gravy!! and rushed away before I could tell her she’d forgotten to take her baby with her. These people did not have lists, and look at them now.

My long suffering boyfriend and I traipsed to Abakhan who, far ahead of the panic engulfing the supermarkets, had already embraced the ‘one in, one out’ policy, no doubt founded during their January sale where the craftlust reaches dangerous proportions. Armed with a written list and my boyfriend under strict instruction not to let me waiver from it, we were allowed entrance by the very stern staff member who muttered our entrance into a walkie talkie. Honestly if Abakhan had been in charge of supermarket stockpiling weeks ago the world would be in a much better state.

I’d had a strong word with myself while compiling The List and had decided on the following:

  • 2m of felt to make a few more Luna Lapins, my current obsession
  • 2m gingham for a summer dress and hacked Nina Lee Kew crop top
  • Turquoise fabric for a curtain as requested by my pal
  • Canvas material to make some of the fat quarter makes I’ve been threatening to try after pulling the patterns out of endless magazines
  • 4ply cotton and a nice 4ply colourful wool to make some teeny Toft animals
  • Lace trims and ribbon for Luna’s dresses

Once we had covered all these bases and my boyfriend had his arms completely full, I was ready for the till. He looked at me, concerned. “Are you sure this is going to be enough? 3 months is a long time, are you sure you don’t want more wool? Thing is if you’re busy crafting I know you’ll leave me in peace and we’ll both be happy”

Some relationships might be on the edge during the crisis but just hearing him say that reassured me we will go the distance.

So that’s a round up of my Isewlation to-do list and I’ll be updating the progress (or lack thereof) here! Thanks for reading!

Some of my fabric stockpiling as well as other fabrics that have been languishing in my stash for too long

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