Bags & Accessories

Bags of time

In my last post I laid out some plans for making while I #stayhome; this week I ticked one of the first items off the list!

This week I’ve been working through my #isewlation list; I made a toile of the Claudie Blouse which fitted well so I’m aiming to start that this weekend and made some headway on a tiny Toft elephant.

I like to have a couple of projects on the go and complete smaller items in between so after finishing my work on Friday, whipped up a couple of small pieces that I think worked really well!

My fabric origami bag and zipped makeup bag

The zipped makeup bag is a self drafted pattern – there’s a lot out there and it’s a great pattern for a beginner to practise with (and yet somehow, I always manage to get it wrong). On this one I made the zip tabs slightly too short so they didn’t turn under well, a silly mistake but doesn’t look too bad.

What I was excited about was using my own label on the bag – something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time but haven’t had the confidence is designing my own labels as a side hustle. This is my first design and I think it looks really cute!

Of course this label is an outright lie as I am in fact a plastic scouser from the Wirral, but ‘Wirral Made’ doesn’t have the same ring to it.

These are printed labels on polyester; I wanted to try something simple before attempting woven labels which are more expensive and a bit of a gamble. On a garment that would be washed regularly these labels might not last but for a small item like this they’re ideal.

The second item is a free fabric origami box pattern from Sew Magazine which I thought was adorable. These were really quick to work up and very satisfying; maybe it’s the dabbling in origami I did years ago but the way the measurements line up spot on to make this cute but effective pattern is very smart.

My fabric origami box holding KATM labels, the ultimate label queen

The tiny pockets on the side might not be handy for many things but I found them the perfect size for a seam ripper and small thread!

So that’s my first two makes of the lockdown; stay tuned for more!

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