Made in self-isewlation : sewing for good

A couple of weeks ago I was starting to feel pretty helpless about this whole situation. The whole world seemed to be struggling and on a personal level I was finding it hard to adjust quickly enough to this new reality, which had come upon us so fast.

The fact is that the best thing we can do to help is #stayhome – follow the government advice to keep yourself safe at home and just pop out once a day for exercise. But I racked my brains for something that would make the crafty amongst us smile and do a good deed at the same time….and thus these labels were born!

My baby labels!

I designed and ordered these labels, which I’m selling to raise money for the National Emergencies Trust. They’re directly providing funds to charities across the UK in need during the crisis which feels like one of the most direct ways to help those helping everyone right now!

The labels are 3.5cm in width and when sewn using a 0.5cm seam look lovely and neat on your isewlation makes! They’re super soft and made from damask cotton with 50% of materials being recycled. Having such lovely quality means they’ll wash like a dream!

To test one out I inserted it into my Amelie dress and am so pleased with them! I’ve wanted to try producing my own labels for a long time but been too nervous to do so – this felt like the right time to try!

The labels are sold in packs of 5 and are just £7 including UK postage! I’ve included here a pic of how they will be packaged – each pouch is given a once with anti-bacterial wipes and popped in a new envelope which is sealed with tape. I use self adhesive stamps and walk past the postbox which is just 3 minutes from my home on my daily sewcially distanced walk.

If you would like to purchase a pack, please visit my Facebook page or email me at – thanks for reading!

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