In the Folds jumpsuit

Sew, how has everyone’s week been? In my flat we’ve settled into a pretty solid quarantine routine; I’m working from home which provides structure to my day and after work I’m giving myself 2 hours each day to sew; something that is so important to keep me sane and calm. I feel lucky to have a hobby that doesn’t revolve around a screen and feels really productive; I have a feeling lots of people will start sewing over the next few weeks!

This week I have been inundated with label orders which has been phenomenal and somewhat selfishly helped my isolation anxiety a lot. Sitting down for an hour or so each day to process and pack orders and most importantly have chats with other sewers has been really therapeutic, so double thanks to those who have ordered a pack and donated to charity/keeping me happy!

Thanks to everyone who has ordered a label pack so far!

So as the labels have taken up a lot of time this week I’m writing about the first thing I made in isolation a couple of weeks ago; the In the Folds jumpsuit from Peppermint magazine. I’d had my eye on this cult pattern for a while but wasn’t sure if it would suit me – it’s a loose fitting garment and baggy clothes tend to make me look like a B list celeb dramatically wearing a moo-moo to start a pregnancy rumour.

However I gave it a go and am so glad I did as it looks CUTE AF. The fabric is from Abakhan Liverpool where I buy the majority of my supplies and is a mid-weight linen blend; at first I thought it was a bit too heavy and in retrospect would like to try a crepe or light linen version but for a first try am really happy with it. As it’s a heavier fabric I can wear a t-shirt underneath it without the seams showing through underneath which is a pet hate of mine.

I found the instructions pretty straight forward and it was nice not having to mess around with too many pattern pieces. In the Folds is based in Sydney; I absolutely love Australian sewing companies, fabric stores and bloggers as the style seems to be quite minimalist across the board using quirky fabrics, strong shapes and lines and simple silhouettes which is a style I’m aiming for in my handmade wardrobe.

The one tricky part was the facing as you have to lay the pattern pieces flat, roll the edges in and sew the facing enclosing the outer. It foxed me for a while but taking the time to really think it through and do some googling got me there. One of the silver linings of the lockdown is bucket loads of time, so I’m really enjoying the luxury of not rushing makes or feeling distracted from them by, you know, socialising with the people I love and going outside and stuff.

I chose the size that best correlated with my measurements and made no adjustments other than to shorten the length which was apparently designed for an Amazonian (I’m 5ft 5 and was swamped) by 4cm.

Overall I’m really happy with the make – it’s comfy and classy enough with a t-shirt underneath for WFH wardrobe and will be summery and fun for when we can play outside again.

of course, had to include one of my labels!

Peppermint magazine includes a free pattern each issue and next I’m definitely going to try the Everyday dress which looks like all my minimalist linen dress dreams come true! The only problem would be printing it but I’ve seen that a few places like Netprinter are still able to print and deliver sewing patterns which would be fantastic at the moment; a handy round up is found here at the Sewing Directory.

The Peppermint patterns are free BUT during the Covid-19 crisis Peppermint are asking for a suggested $2 donation for patterns which I think is more than reasonable to help them during this crazy time.

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