Claudie top

Last November I attended the Dublin Knitting and Stitching show with my mum. It was lovely to make the weekend of it and we love these huge shows that really show the scale of the sewing community in the UK.

Whilst there I was lucky enough to win a prize draw run by Quilt Yarn Stitch who gave out a 50 euro voucher. I couldn’t believe my luck and it took me ages to choose between their gorgeous offerings but I eventually went for 2m of the Atelier Brunette Diamond fabric in Chestnut.

Atelier Brunette are based in Paris and their fabrics and colour palette are exactly up my street; high quality fabrics in gorgeous muted tones. I’ve recently been planning a more streamlined wardrobe in colours that suit me so this was an ideal colour for me. The next tricky thing was deciding on a pattern; I knew I wanted a top or tunic that would be floaty and relaxed and something I can wear comfortably for work or play. This would be one of the most expensive fabrics I’ve ever used so I didn’t want to mess up!

Luckily the Claudie top arrived with Simply Sewing magazine who I’ve subscribed to for a while and even better, they had used Atelier Brunette fabric for the demo! The pattern is designed by Sewgirl.

It was perfect for what I had been looking for – smart casual, floaty and would test some new skills I haven’t tried yet including roule ties, elastic channels and sewing on that fancy fabric.

I made a toile and was happy with a size 12 so went ahead and made it with the Atelier Brunette fabric. It’s ridiculously soft and nice to sew with. I found a Moon thread that matches really well and only needed to zig zag the seams so it looks really neat.

I was really pleased with the outcome as this is SUCH a comfy top and has been great to wear during lockdown as a smart-casual Zoom appropriate attire! The only bits I would want to improve is that consistently I seem to get some baggy-ness on my upper chest in my makes. I’m sure there is a bust adjustment for this and I actually think if I raised the shoulders it will help so I’ll try that next time, but for now I’ll be sitting here pretending I’m having a cafe au lait in Paris in my perfectly Parisian top!

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