An update on #isewlation labels

Just over a week ago I launched a batch of labels I had cooked up, designed and ordered online with very little certainty of what I was doing except I wanted to try and do something positive in the current crisis. When a huge quantity of them arrived in the post I really thought I’d gone mad and thought I’d end up with a lifetime worth of labels no one would want to buy from me.

Fast forward to today and I just sold the very last pack of labels and made a donation of £500 to the National Emergencies Trust with the profits! I am over the moon!

Excuse my dodgy overlocking
labels can be used as a side seam or stitched on

In addition to being able to make a donation like that to a fund that is directly benefiting UK charities right now, some really big positives have come out of this experience for me:

  1. It’s enabled me to connect with the sewing community on instagram who. are. AWESOME. I’ve had such lovely chats with people who purchased a pack of labels about how they’re going to use them, what they’re working on right now and how sewing is helping them make sense of this sci-fi film we live in. It really helped me feel connected to the outside world somehow.
  2. It reminded me how we can still be kind to each other, and should! An unexpected amount of people purchased packs for their friends and family they can’t see right now, just as a token of reminding them that they’re cared for and thought of. I thought that was really beautiful and enjoyed writing little in-jokes or messages on notes I included in the envelope.
  3. It taught me that I can do this. This label idea didn’t come out of nowhere. For a while now I’ve desperately wanted to venture into labels as a crafty side hustle as I just love the creative possibilities and how they’re used in so many different ways. I’ve not had the confidence to do it up to now, but wanting to do something for a cause really motivated me to give it a go and has taught me a lot in the process!
  4. I got to see how people are using the labels so creatively. In this post I’ve included some of the ways people are ALREADY using the labels, from garments to quilting to (amazingly) scrub bags for NHS workers. It’s fantastic!
  5. It’s motivated me to keep going and reach a goal of £1000! The response to the labels has been so overwhelmingly positive that it’s motivated me to do it all over again. I have another, new design arriving soon that will again be sold on Instagram and Facebook with all profits going to the National Emergencies Trust. My goal is £1000 and as we move through this I’ll continue to bring out new designs and fundraise for the cause.

Thank you everyone, #stayhome and craft on!

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