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Doll cardigan pattern

We all know of my deep affection for the Luna Lapin patterns by Sarah Peel. On her website she sells gorgeous patterns for knitted shawls and accessories but unfortunately I can’t knit! So, I’ve had a play with crochet and come up with the below pattern that would work for any doll, in my case I’ll use it for a Luna. This is my first crochet pattern I’ve ever shared with anyone, so please be kind if it doesn’t read well!

4ply baby yarn, 50g
Crochet hook size 2.5

ch = chain
HDC = half double crochet

Notes: The 2ch at the end of each row count as 1 HDC

Pattern for cardigan

R1 Ch 21

R2 2 HDC in second ch from hook. 18 HDC. 2 HDC in last ch. Ch2 (counts as HDC) Turn. (22)

R3 2 HDC in each HDC along. CH2, turn. (44)

R4 (in the following rows, start in 3rd ch from hook).*7HDC, Ch 1. HDC in same stitch* repeat once. 14 HDC, ch 1, HDC in same stitch. 7HDC, ch1, HDC in same stitch. 7 HDC. Ch2, turn.

R5 – 11 Continue as above, HDC in all st and stitching 1HDC, ch1, HDC in each V. Ch2 at the end of each row, turn (counts as HDC)

R12-16 HDC in each stitch along. Ch 2. Turn.

R17 Scallop stitch along bottom edge. This consists of: ch1, 3HDC in 2nd HDC on row. Slip stitch in next stitch. *Ch 1, skip one HDC, 3 HDC in next HDC. Slip stitch in next HDC* Repeat ** til end.

R17 (contd). sc along the edges and neckline until reaching the start of your scallop stitch.

Dress your chosen doll in a darling cardigan!

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