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My pledges for #MeMadeMay2020

The time is flying by this year and for some reason, the routine of lockdown is meaning for me the days pass even more quickly than usual, and suddenly May is here again!

I am not a creature of routine. I have mentioned in previous posts that I usually travel 12 weeks of the year for work, and when I am in the UK I’m seeing friends, salsa dancing, spending time with my partner friends and family and squeezing sewing in here and there. Up now I’ve very much been at the beginner/intermediate stage and certainly wouldn’t have the wardrobe for a #memademay.

However I was inspired listening to the Love to Sew podcast episode about MeMadeMay that encouraged us to interpret it in our own individual ways and not to feel pressured about it – really, it’s a chance to reflect on your sewing journey and focus on some key goals. Right now none of us need the extra pressure and if anything, at least we have a LOT of time to reflect and sew!

So that’s what I’m outlining today – here are my pledges for my first full #memademay….

1. Hit £1,500 fundraising target

Those who follow me on instagram will know we hit an amazing £1000 total donation to the National Emergencies Trust in April thanks to the proceeds of these little labels. You guys are amazing and I am so thrilled they’ve had a positive response and been used so creatively.

My number 1 priority in May is to reach £1500 if we can. There are plenty of labels in stock, and some other exciting news coming in May too so keep an eye on here and my page!

2. Set a making schedule – and stick to it!

Last month I set myself the goal of a few garments I wanted to make and it really helped structure my sewing. I invested time in going through my pattern collection, matching them to the correct fabric type which in turn focussed my buying which if unchecked can get seriously out of hand.

Therefore in May I am focusing on:

  1. Sew Over it Eve in Atelier Brunette viscose
  2. New Look 6461 top in black linen
  3. New Look 6461 in navy tencel twill
  4. Nina Lee Kew in cotton poplin
  5. (maybe) FibreMood Norma in white linen

Let’s see how that pans out!

3. Wear me-made whenever I can, and not beat myself up if I don’t

I’ve got a pretty bad tendency to be really hard on myself if I don’t meet goals – and half the time, they’re goals I’ve set myself with no one judging me, but me! Lockdown has made me really anxious and sewing right now is an escape and a fun outlet for creativity during this crazy time. Whenever I can, I’ll wear me-made, but I won’t be making myself upset if I wear my Primark pjs from time to time.

4. Continue to build on my personal style and colour palette

I fell down a pretty deep internet hole a while ago looking at colour analysis in fashion and the right palette for you. My auntie did this about 20 years ago and has sworn by it ever since, claiming it helps focus your shopping (or in my case making), identify what suits you and cut out the riff raff from your wardrobe.

Pair this with my deep rooted desire to look like Jeanne Demas popping to the patisserie on the daily and a LOT of Pinterest boards are born. I have worked out that I am a ‘soft autumn’ and it has truly helped me so far whittle down what to look for when overwhelmed by choice online fabric shopping. This month I’m going to continue down this path and see where it leads me and hopefully finish the month with a clearer idea of my style.

If this looks intense, it’s because it is. And addictive.

5. Combine my two loves – languages and sewing!

Fun fact – did you know I can speak French and Spanish? What feels like a lifetime ago I was an educational tour leader and lived between France and Spain for around 3 years. I lived in 6 different cities between the two and absolutely love these two countries. There is a big maker community in both, especially France, and I’ve recently found myself connecting with French makers, pattern and fabric brands and stores on Instagram a lot more as the style really appeals to me. This month I’d like to try using more French hashtags, patterns and fabrics and listen to French maker podcasts as well, to keep up my connection with France and learn some new sewing skills, too.

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