Autumnal picks from this month’s brands!

Is it just me or has this year gone by in the flash of an eye? With lockdown the spring/summer of 2020 felt like they went by so quickly and already we are into planning our autumn makes.!

In this month’s Modista newsletter we have two cracking independent fabric brands offering exclusive discounts to subscribers so I thought now would be a good time to share my top autumnal picks from their online stores. I’ve also shared what pattern I’d use them for as I’m currently planning an autumnal capsule and really enjoying it. Let me know what you think of my picks and don’t forget to enter the giveaway open on my instagram page until midnight BST on Thursday 27 August, where you can win vouchers for both these brands!!

Felicity Fabrics

Felicity Fabrics is a UK based independent fabric and haberdashery supplier, run by a mother and daughter team with a passion for top quality fabrics. Caroline and Fliss have fantastic customer service and their beautiful packaging is one of my favourite finishing touches to their brand. They house a really lovely curated collection of Lady McElroy prints as well as quality viscoses and butter soft cords. Here’s my top picks for your autumn makes:

Fabric: Lady McElroy Dotty About Dots

Perfect for: True Bias Shelby Dress

Fabric: Lady McElroy Vintage Harvest

Perfect for: I was gifted this fabric for a blog post by FF and am currently making a Marsha Style Sia dress. I can genuinely say the quality is beautiful and I already know I’ll get a lot of wear from this dress!

Fabric: Bella Black Cotton

Perfect for: Gilbert Top by Helen’s Closet

Fabric: Newbury Hall cord

Perfect for: Pippi Pinafore by Jennifer Lauren Handmade

Fabric: Waffle Ochre

Perfect for: Megan Nielsen Jarrah Sweater

Selvedge and Bolts

Selvedge and Bolts is run by Dibs in the UK and is synonymous with sumptuous silks, dramatic prints and the most unique names for designs!! Dibs specializes in ex-designer fabrics and her hauls from big brands such as Escada and top Italian names sell like hot cakes. Here’s some of my favourite picks for autumn from her gorgeous collection:

Fabric: Window Panes are Perfect for Mustardy Affairs

Perfect for: BHL Tamzin dress

Fabric: As Abstract as You Can Get

Perfect for: Nina Lee Park Lane Dress

Fabric: Winter Does Not Have To Be Boring

Perfect For: Simple Sew Cocoon Coat

Fabric: I Really Just Want Autumn To Come

Perfect for: Dayo Dress by Sewing Masin

Fabric: My Inner Wild Cat is On the Prowl

Perfect For: Megan Nielsen Sudley Blouse

I hope you found these suggestions inspiring for your autumn wardrobe! Don’t forget that Modista subcribers will receive discount codes for both Felicity Fabrics and Selvedge and Bolts in the Modista Newsletter on Friday 28 August. If you’re reading in September, simply sign up and drop me a DM and I’ll gladly share the code/s.

What have you got planned for autumn makes?

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