Me-made autumn capsule plans

Welcome to my wardrobe planning mind! If you follow me on Amsterdam you’ll know I recently moved to Amsterdam where I am soon starting a new job I’m really excited about (YAY!). As is the case worldwide, I’ll be working from home for the forseeable. Of course, I saw this as an opportunity to plan a few me-mades, reflecting on what I want from my WFH clothes and of course do some Amsterdam fabric shopping…and then the My Body Model challenge came along!

The challenge is to pick 9 pieces – 3 tops, 3 bottoms and 3 layers – to create a capsule wardrobe that creates 36 outfits!

When planning the capsule there were some key requirements from the pieces I wanted to bear in mind:

  1. Versatility – in my new job I will be working from home but will eventually return to travelling regularly. As a student recruiter you need an outfit that will take you straight off a train/flight to a meeting or event, then to after work drinks and in a taxi home/back to the airport. Smart-casual clothes that are comfortable (and don’t crease too much!) will be important.
  2. Working within my colour palette – Recently I’ve been working with a ‘soft autumn’ palette as I find the colours really suit me and I feel great in them. In the capsule I’ll be using some more autumnal tones.
  3. A wardrobe that translates to Dutch office life– Of course I researched Dutch workwear and was surprised to read that Dutch business wear is for the most part very casual by UK standards. It’s common to see jeans and t-shirts in the office and there’s an emphasis on high quality basics rather than the smart shirts and suits we’re used to in the UK. This is great for my WFH wardrobe too so I’m looking forward to trying it!

Ok, ok, tell me what you’re making!

Ready? Here’s what I’ve been working on….

Three top layers

  1. Sudley Blouse by Megan Nielsen

The Sudley blouse is a lovely versatile blouse that I think will be ideal for work. This camel/navy animal print georgette is one of my finds in Amsterdam, I really like it and think it will make for a striking Sudley.

2. FibreMood Norma

I’ve made the Norma before and think I have nailed the fit. I’m planning to make it in a broderie anglaise though may end up switching to the fabric I’ve currently got planned for the final top….

The Norma blouse is currently FREE from Fibre Mood as they have a hack competition running until October! So I may have a hack up my sleeve…

3. Friday Pattern Company Sagebrush Top

I’ve loved the look of this for ages and can’t wait to try it. This top is so feminine and pretty and I think it will be really versatile for those days where I might be working from home, popping to the office then out for a drink in the same day. I’m currently planning it in this gingham I found in Amsterdam, though may switch to the broderie anglaise. I’ll also hack the sleeves to be longer for autumn.

Three bottom layers

  1. Ready to Sew Pio Pants

The Pio pants are such a lovely style and the elasticated waist is very WFH friendly! I’m planning them in this light navy tencel from Patterns and Plains, the quality is lovely.

2. Ready to Sew Justine Skirt

Another Ready to Sew pattern, the Justine is a free pattern and has a lovely pocket detail. I have an olive tencel twill from Fabric Godmother in my stash I’ll be using and think the weight is a nice one for autumn.

3. Ready to Sew Jazz – dungarees

Can you sense a theme with my bottom layer choices?? Another RTS pattern, this time my favourite Jazz in the view of dungarees. You might think this strange for a work capsule, but I think layered with one of the tops and made from a brown viscose linen it will be really comfortable and lovely.

Three Outer Layers

1 Friday Pattern Company Ilford Jacket

Another pattern I’ve been looking forward to trying, the Ilford works well in so many fabrics and is a very common style here in the Netherlands. I’ll be making a navy needlecord lined version for which I just need to find the fabric. I love the selection of cords at Felicity Fabrics!

2. Homer & Howells Blair Jacket

The Blair jacket had caught my eye a while ago and I was very lucky to win the Homer & Howells giveaway this month for the pattern of my choice, so I picked the Blair! I’d love to make it in a rust coloured wool blend so will be keeping an eye out at the Amsterdam markets for this.

3. Papercut Patterns Sapporo coat

I’ve had this pattern in my stash for AGES and somehow never gotten around to making it – perhaps I was a bit intimidated, but now is the time! I’m going to treat myself to some wool to make this and line it with a cotton lawn. I’m now really excited to make my first coats!

That’s a wrap!

So that brings us to the end of my 3×3 wardrobe! Whether or not I will stick to this and not be distracted remains to be seen, but I have really enjoyed planning my makes in this way. It’s helped me to focus on what I really want from a me-made work wardrobe in these times and during a time when I haven’t been sewing as much, I’ve loved thinking about it!

However, I also already miss making dresses just thinking about these so have planned 3 dresses alongside these that will complement the palette and style; a Honeycomb Dress in a blush pink dobby, Darling Ranges dress in double gauze or viscoseand a Ready to Sew Jazz in a navy cotton.

If you’re thinking of planning your own capsule, I recommend the following resources;

– The My Body Model free downloadable template and blog, which is so useful! This competition really motivated me to get planning and is open until 23 September.

-The episode on Capsule Wardrobes from Love to Sew Podcast

-This blog post by Classy Yet Trendy sparked some ideas for me in planning

Happy wardrobe planning! I can’t wait to see everyone else’s plans on Instagram/the blogs this month.

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