Sewing Plans

Me Made May 2021 Plans

Have you heard of #MeMadeMay? Started by SoZoBlog, May is one of the biggest months in the sewing world’s calendar every year and is a chance to really engage with your handmade wardrobe, reflect, and have fun!

You can find all the guidelines and ideas for Me Made May on Zoe’s blog so do go have a read if you’re interested to learn more and see if you want to take part.

Last year I was very new to the insta-sewing community so sort of threw myself at the challenge with a lot of enthusiasm but a very limited wardrobe so quickly ran out of steam.

This time last year I was making some cute tops and much more separates….what happened?

This year I will be taking part, but in my own way.

A big part of my sewing journey has firstly been learning to improve my knowledge of fitting techniques and understand what shapes I like to wear on my body.

I’m enjoying this aspect of sewing but often an even bigger challenge is keeping myself on track to create an actually wearable wardrobe. I mean pieces that work for me every day and make me feel great but aren’t special occasion pieces. The unfortunate part of this is I don’t particularly like sewing basics and am a bit scared of sewing jersey.

However I am determined there must be a sweet spot between the viscose dresses I LOVE to make and the elegant but comfortable separates I love to wear. That’s going to be my focus in Me Made May, to identify the gaps in my wardrobe of both separates and jumpsuits or rompers (ie, everything BUT dresses) that I feel like sewing.

Dresses like this Dawn McCall’s are beautiful, make me very happy but are not exactly practical….

I, Sally, pledge in Me Made May to reach for the me-mades in my wardrobe I might have forgotten about and give them some love. I will reflect on what I like about these pieces and what is missing from my dream me made wardrobe, in particular separates that can be worn casually because as much as I’d like it to be, life isn’t ALWAYS a sunny picnic in the park and something I will need to make some damn pants to go to the supermarket in.

As part of this I’ll spend some time planning some separates and will make an effort to bump them up the make list ahead of the floaty dresses I love. I’m sure some new ideas will crop up from the #memademay2021 tag but here are the patterns I know would be very happy in my wardrobe – I’ve had these patterns far too long and haven’t sewn them anywhere near as much as I should, if at all!:

I’ve always been intimidated by trousers but will start with the Pomona which hopefully will be a gentle introduction!

I won’t be posting every day in May, far from it, but I’ll make an effort to document my makes that might not have been seen on the feed in a while and challenge myself to style them in a new way.

Will you be taking part in Me Made May? What’s your plan? I’d love to know in the comments!


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