Helen’s Closet Jackson Tee

There are some patterns that before you’ve even finished the first one, you’ve got another ten planned. This was definitely the case for me and the Helen’s Closet Jackson tee!

As you might know, I’m not very experienced in sewing with jersey. Don’t get me wrong, the projects I’ve dabbled with have gone really well, both the Nora top in a french terry and the Lola tank in a viscose jersey. But I still don’t reach for jerseys as my go to happy sewing place.

However in Me Made May I reflected on the gaps in my wardrobe and it was clearly staple basics that I can wear every day – I hardly have any! I was getting a bit down to be honest that after investing so much time (and let’s face it, money) in sewing I still have that sinking feeling of “what am I going to wear??” because my me-mades are more summer occasion dresses than layering pieces that I’ll actually wear regularly.

So, bringing us to the Jackson tee. This is a gender neutral pattern from Helen’s Closet that goes up to a 62″ hip. It can be lengthened or cropped, and also comes with the option to turn it into a sweatshirt with cuffs and waistband ribbing. Helen is known for her beginner friendly patterns that are all super high quality basics so I was excited to try it.

I chose a size 12 based on my measurements. The cool thing about the Jackson is it’s designed to be sized up or down depending on how you want the fit and information on this is included in the pattern. For example two sizes down you’d get a more fitted shirt whereas 2 sizes up is a cool oversized look. I was intrigued as to what my standard size would be like so went with the 12.

My fabric is a lovely cotton jersey from Javrostoffen in Deventer where my friend Joyce lives. I visited her last month as we of course had to squeeze in a shopping trip – so we both got cuts of the same fabric to make matching tees!

This stripe matching though!!

The pattern itself is really well laid out and comes together nicely. I like that the sleeves are set on the flat and it was actually so quick to do – I think it took me 2 hours to cut and sew!

I applied the lessons I’d learned from previous knit projects and used a ballpoint needle my walking foot and a 2.2.5 zig zag. I then trimmed all the seams before overlocking and it turned out so neat. I did a zig zag for the top stitch rather than brave my twin needle and am really happy with it. I even managed to get a label in there!

Hopefully you can tell from this post that I am really happy with my Jackson. With no adjustments needed and a really straightforward construction I’m excited to make more. I have got some fleece backed sweatshirting for a sweater, as well as a lot of bamboo jersey I bought a bit too enthusiastically after loving this pattern! I might not make TEN Jacksons….but nice to know that I could….


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