Sewing a Kew dress hack

Happy hump day everyone! I was off on Monday and it's strange how easily that throws me completely out of kilter - it's felt like Tuesday all day and the last 3 months have basically been the longest Monday ever. A couple of weeks ago I worked on this project while taking part in the… Continue reading Sewing a Kew dress hack


A perfect ‘simple sew’; the Grace Skirt

This blog post contains gifted products that I received in exchange for a blog entry Have you heard of Simple Sew? If you haven't already, theirs are a collection of staple wardrobe pieces that are a great option for both experienced and beginner sewers. From their patterns you could easily build a lovely capsule wardrobe… Continue reading A perfect ‘simple sew’; the Grace Skirt

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Beginner-friendly sewing ideas during lockdown

With the Great British Sewing Bee starting on the 22nd April and the majority of people in the world now living under some sort of lockdown, it makes sense that a lot of people will want to start sewing as a new way to pass the time. A lot of people who have bought the… Continue reading Beginner-friendly sewing ideas during lockdown

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The hoppiest Easter Bunny: Luna Lapin

Have you ever found a pattern that makes your heart beat faster than a rabbit? As soon as you see it your mind starts whirring with the possibilities and you are already trying to cancel every social engagement you have over the next few weeks in order to hide yourself away with it and sew.… Continue reading The hoppiest Easter Bunny: Luna Lapin