Big changes at Modista in 2021!

*Takes deep breath*….ok, as 2021 is here, that means it’s time to share some info about some big changes coming up at Modista! I am really excited to share these updates, and hope you will be too.

Here are the two big projects coming up this year – a new Modista Patreon, and (eek, hopefully!) an Amsterdam Fabric Shopping Weekend.

Modista Patreon – investing in the sewing community

An aspect of the last year I’ve loved just as much as sewing itself is meeting creators in the community, and discovering new indie brands. I love my day job in higher education marketing and can’t see myself ever doing anything else; but that doesn’t stop me admiring the people who have taken the plunge to make their hobby into their day job. Their creativity and entrepreneurialism impresses me every day which led me to launch the Modista newsletter to try and showcase more of them.

The newsletter took off much quicker than expected and with well on the way to 1000 subscribers, I feel like there is so much potential and I’ve been having lots of fun ideas of how to offer more and more each month to the community as the it grows – including giveaways, sewing demos, even exclusive patterns! I’d love to be able to pay for guest content and tutorials or even create a fund for budding sewing entrepreneurs too.

All of this takes time, and more pertinently resource. This is why I have decided to move towards a Patreon model. I’ll be able to reinvest funds from this into supporting indie designers and businesses and offering even bigger and better discounts and giveaways for patrons.

What’s included in the Patreon?

For £3 per month, patrons will get…

  • Exclusive discounts from two indie brands from around the world per month
  • Access to monthly contests to win fabulous prizes (the more patrons we have, the bigger it is!) from indie sewing brands. The Patreon funds pay for these prizes so you are directly supporting the businesses!
  • Access to exclusive content from my blog
  • As our community grows, my goal is to feature paid content from sewing bloggers and designers, even tutorials and patterns as we are able to support indie businesses more and more!
  • Patrons will be able to feedback on what you want to get from the content and even which brands you’d like to see featured.

It goes without saying that the more patrons on board, the bigger the prizes and giveaways will be!

There’s another benefit to becoming a Patreon…..patrons will get early bird access to the next Big Exciting 2021 project….

Amsterdam Fabric Shopping Weekend

Don’t worry, I haven’t lost the plot. I’m serious.

I know that the world is currently on lockdown, but more than ever it’s got me dreaming of when we can (hopefully soon) begin to travel again and the amount of people who have shown such enthusiasm about my Amsterdam shopping adventures has made me realise I’m not on my own!

I’ve been thinking about hosting a weekend in Amsterdam ever since we moved here and I realised what a treasure trove for fabrics Amsterdam is. Seemingly in every district of the city there is a market with a gem of a fabric stall, right up to the amazing stores in the city and the weekly fabric markets in the city and neighbouring Utrecht.

Regular readers will know I spent 3 years between 2014-2017 working as a tour operator in Europe and Latin America, assisting US college students who travelled to Europe for 3 months at a time. My job was to organise daily activities ranging from walking tours to classes, meals and weekend trips internationally. I really loved that job and once a tour guide, always a tour guide….just ask my boyfriend and friends who are subject to detailed itineraries every time we travel!

A weekend in Amsterdam (when we can) will include:

  • 3 nights bed and breakfast accommodation in Amsterdam
  • Guided tours of the Amsterdam fabric markets
  • Tailored guidance on where to shop if you’re looking for something special
  • Evening Frocktails with meal included
  • Option to participate in a sewing/craft workshop hosted in Amsterdam
  • Public transport pass
  • Orientation

You would need to cover your own:

  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Meals not included in fee
  • Fabric shopping budget (of course!)

Important: The trip would not take place or start taking any final payments until it is safe and encouraged to travel, at least within Europe. I personally will not be going anywhere until it is abundantly safe to do so and wouldn’t expect anyone else to either.

Of course, with this in mind it is hard to specify dates but I am hoping to be optimistic and plan ahead for the late Spring. This is where I need your help!

I would really love it if you could please take a look at this form and let me know your thoughts on the draft arrangements. Following the next announcements in NL and UK particularly (where I know a lot of the Modista community reside) I will be sharing more information on my blog and instagram and a Save the Date with earlybird access for Patreons.

Click here to take the survey

So, what do you think?

I would LOVE to know what you think of these ideas. Let me know via the feedback form about the Amsterdam Fabric Shopping Weekend, or via instagram if you want to chat!

As always, thank you for your support without which these ideas would never have come about. I love being part of the global sewing community and am so excited to see where 2021 will take us!

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