April Sewing Challenge: #MeMadeModista

In April 2021 I am taking the plunge and hosting my very first sewing challenge! Eek!

The challenge has been motivated by the milestone (or at least, it is one to me!) of reaching 5000 followers on Instagram last month. I truly can’t thank my followers enough for the support, both in sewing and life in general!

Sewing and the sewing community has been a genuine lifeline to me in lockdown. I know I’m not alone in having been able to momentarily escape the stress of the last year through sewing. When the world seems impossible to understand and so uncertain, sewing has been a puzzle I can pour my energy into and really see the results of.

You might wonder why I chose my instagram name Modista Sewing. Modista means dressmaker in Spanish (or someone who designs/makes clothes). I lived in Spain for a while after studying Spanish at university and for a long time travel and languages were the centre of my life. When lockdown happened, sewing became my main pasttime and I wanted a name that would encapsulate my love of travel, languages, culture and sewing in one. It was also a nod to my goal of making beautifully fitting clothes!

Despite not travelling the instagram community has been a way to make friends and connections all over the world – who would have thought that moving to a new country where technically I knew no one would be made so much easier by the sewing community? I’ve been on socially distanced walks with new friends who live close by and endless hours on Zoom to sewing friends.

The sewing community has also given me the confidence to launch my Patreon which now has over 80 members. Each month we have exclusive discounts from indie brands, Zoom sewcials, discussion posts and more. Members can also enter a monthly challenge to win a prize purchased from the brands too!

SO, all that to say as a big thank you I wanted to host a fun challenge that hopefully inspires you to try a new fitting technique or pattern adjustment. Every single body is different and a pattern out the packet should be a great starting point for you to work from and make the pattern your own. I am new to fitting and adjustments but have had such nice conversations about it on IG that showed me there’s a lot of people with amazing knowledge out there….and a LOT of people who have no idea where to start. So this challenge is here to get the knowledge exchange started!

To enter, all you have to do is:

  • Share a make or picture on Instagram this month with the hashtag #MeMadeModista
  • Tag me in the make @modistasewing
  • In the caption, share a bit of knowledge about the fit of your garment and adjustments you may have made. You could share what worked and what didn’t, how you researched the technique, and who inspired you to try it (if applicable!)
  • You do NOT have to have nailed the fit of your garment to enter this challenge. You can also share a make you’re really happy with but maybe you’ve been inspired to try an adjustment next time to make it even better – share why and what you’ll do.
  • Have fun!

On 30th April I will host a sewing Zoom where we will share some of the top tips that have come out of the month! I’ll also be sharing tips and resources throughout the month to hopefully help you get inspired and feeling confident to find your perfect fit.

If you’d like to register for the Zoom sewcial, please enter your details below. The Sewcial will be on Friday 30 April at 8pm UK time.


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